Andrew’s friends, Patrick and Marsha and their family, have developed a wonderful home and accommodation complex 600m above the ocean and just twenty minutes drive from the airport at Tenerife South.

Patrick is a keen environmentalist and somewhat serial entrepreneur and Marsha is a fine artist and together they have made something sustainable and magical.

The accommodation ranges from above ground apartments and bunk rooms situated in various spots on the plot to the caverns and underground halls that have been developed into bedrooms and dining halls.

All are decorated by Marsha with fantasy and historical scenes from Tenerife’s rich island history.

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Andy visits at least once a year with walking and art group friends but often is back a good few times using the accommodation as an unusual and memorable base for various projects.

With it’s own natural rocky ridge and climbing on site it is a fine location for adventure activities. It’s location suits Andrews life drawing groups well as it suits walkers in need of somewhere to clean and rest up after an ascent of El Teide.

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You can contact Patrick and Marsh for a direct booking of their accommodation through Andy – just message him and he’ll hook you up – welshlamb@me.com


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published


    1. We are charging £350 for fully catered accommodation and yoga sessions and guided walks and explorations of the island 🙂

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