I have some lovely friends who live on Tenerife, Patrick and Anganova.

I met them a few years back while delivering an art residential and have been back many times and have seen their home become the museum they dreamt it could always be.

I’ve worked on the constructions, I’ve supplied others who’ve laboured away (three hours work for free accommodation) I’ve holidayed with them , I’ve accommodated walkers on the Sea to Summit Trek with them and have delivered residential art weeks from their accommodation.

Accommodation Gallery

I’m trying to say I know them and their location, accommodation and land well.

They are wonderful people and have created a completely bonkers excursion that is informative, intimate, fun, spiritual and perhaps the best half day in the South of the Island. Certainly it is a trip you will long remember.

Stay with them if you can. If you can’t and you’re on Tenerife definitely pay them a visit 🙂

Go to their Facebook Page for contact information and more images.


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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