WordPress Plugins

The stand alone and simple set cup off the basic Wordpress site is great and works well with many tweaks that can easily be made to customise it to your hearts content. But it is lacking own functionality and that is where the plugins come in. Coded by whoever they offer a world of additional functionality and design that really does take the design of your website to another level.

YHA Opening It’s Doors

It’s a positive move but I wouldn’t book a stay. For me I’d rather avoid the signage and social distancing and volumes of rules altogether and either get away somewhere in my camper van or better still hit the hills with my tent. You can’t get further away from the post covid lockdown restrictions and their visible manifestation, the hastily drawn up and laminated guidance sheets, than the complete social isolation of a wild camp…

Go Outdoors

It’s likely that Go Outdoors will be no more… It’s gone for administration. The well liked discount (on occasion) outdoor gear store has fallen to covid. This is exceptionally worrying. And Wales Outdoors loose our partnership and the extra 10% discount for Wales Outdoors members…

Visit Wales – Teaser

I’ve run out of time on this one – too late to post much now but suffice to say this is in then pipeline and will be a damning investigative journalism style report into the failings and nepotism that has and is rampant within the Welsh Government delivered tourism portal for Wales, Visit Wales.