Gellihaf House

One of our members, Cath, is the owner of a rather lovely boutique B & B (that title really does not do it justice) and if you are coming from afar for one of our walks then we highly recommend seeing if she has availability…

Free Friend!

Yes, for any of our day walks you can bring one friend for FREE if you have liked the Wales Outdoors page on fb and have become a member of ‘Wales Outdoors’. This offer is a one time opportunity and is valid while your standing order payments are being made.

The Government And Police

I think therefore that it is time to, on occasion, explore a little further afield, to leave the parks for those who don’t drive or can’t travel. After all, walking outside to my car and driving a short distance to somewhere where I will see less people than if I were walking the streets and parks of Cardiff has to be a good thing.

Why The Wye?

Melitsa is so very lucky with the weather. You remember that time when it didn’t stop raining don’t you? The floods? It seems oh so long ago and given this current run of glorious weather and the corvid crisis but a dim memory.