Cardiff Sea Safaris

This company let us down badly and then we assume complained to Trip Advisor when we gave them a one star review and because we are a business Trip Advisor took the review down for fear that Wales Outdoors, a walking business, is a competitor of Cardiff Sea Safaris, a boat hire company. So, we thought we’d blog the details instead.

New Year New Me!

Our very first walk of 2020 was led by Melitsa and was her New Year new Me Wye Valley Walk. This very popular walk starts near Goodrich and takes in the highlights of the area, King Arthur’s Cave, Symonds Yat, Biblin’s Wibbly Wobbly Bridge…


Like the other monster business’ that dominate our lives, google, it is plain to see, has no care for or empathy with their clients. And their clients are us. Once we truly understand that the likes of fb and google and twitter are cash making machines then we are able to step back a little and wonder at the power that these entities wield.